Facebook AutoLike Fan Page

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Hope you’re doing fine. Have a great day auto liking your facebook picture. If you have any questions email me at fbautolikernet@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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FB Automatic Liker Bot

Almost every websites in the internet has facebook fan page to connect with its visitors or fans. And some of them use facebook to run a poll or contest online in which the winner will be determined by the number of likes, shares, and comments. Majority use ‘likes’ for the reason that one facebook account can only ‘like’ a particular pictures, videos, status and comment once.  This will give the contestants a bigger challenge to gather votes. But the good news is, some websites online offer a free facebook auto-like boot which will give your entry free ‘likes’.

Check out the link below to learn how!




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Facebook Auto Liker – Free Photo Likes

Running in a contest on Facebook? And the winner will determine base on the number of LIKES on a photo, video, status or comment? And you’re looking for a free software to auto-like your entry?
Look no further, because here we compile the best site that will do the job for your, from 1000 to even 3000 likes in just a minute.

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Auto like your comment, photo and status

What is a facebook like button? A like button, like option or recommend button is a feature in communication software such as social networking services, Internet forums, news websites and blogs where the user can express that he/she likes, enjoys or supports certain content. Internet services that feature like buttons usually display the quantity of users who liked each content, and may show a full or partial list of them. This is a quantitative alternative to other methods of expressing reaction to content, like writing a reply text.

Click the link below to start autoliking!

How to auto like a comment, photo/picture and status? Follow the instructions on the site, it’s free and 99% working! But please do not overuse the script or you might be blocked on the site or on facebook itself. To avoid this you need to confirm you’re a human every time you use it.

Are you in a facebook contest where the most like photo, comments or status entry wins? Well, all you need is a facebook autoliker or auto like to win! This method let you likes any status for free in just a single mouse click. No effort right?

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